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posted on December 4, 2013 at 9:23 pm



I started First Prize Productions in Los Angeles, Ca in 2004 after relocating from Connecticut. I have produced and directed many different shows from the Emmy nominated documentary, America’s Deadliest Season, which launched THE DEADLIEST CATCH for the Discovery Channel, and two number one network shows for FOX and NBC.

Producing reality is one thing, but living it is another.  There is nothing more real then cancer.  Simply put, Pink and Blue will save lives.

I lost my grandmother to breast cancer two weeks before I was born, my aunt to ovarian, and then my sister died three years ago from triple negative breast cancer and testing positive for the BRCA2 gene.

 During the time my sister Sammy was going through treatment, my girlfriend Stephanie’s breast cancer returned, and my other sister Lisa had a prophylactic double mastectomy after she too tested positive for BRCA2. Three years and ten days later, my wild sister Sammy with a great soul, vivid imagination, incredible sense of humor and endless amounts of energy and spirit, was gone. My perspective on quality of life was changed forever.

During my sister’s courageous BATTLE, my other sister, Lisa (from the East Coast), also tested positive for the same BRCA2 gene mutation. After a year of research and multiple doctor consultations, she decided to have her ovaries removed as the first step in proactively trying to stay ahead of cancer. Lisa decided she no longer wanted to feel like a ticking time bomb and made the brave decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy. In doing so, she reduced her odds of getting breast and/or ovarian cancer from 80-90% to a 2% chance. As challenging as it was, she has never looked back.

My girlfriend Stephanie had breast cancer back in 2006? Well, wouldn’t you know that during my sister Sammy’s fight, Stephanie’s breast cancer returned. I traveled between coasts doing the best I could to help support the people that I loved. I never realized just how prevalent breast cancer was in so many lives

Watching Sammy battle the disease head on until she drew her last breath, I knew it was time for PINK AND BLUE. Especially after testing positive for BRCA 2 myself.

 The PINK AND BLUE documentary, which I am producing and directing takes a profound look into the BRCA world examining what, it is and how this mutation puts both women and men at a higher risk of developing numerous cancers. There is a higher percentage of men dying from breast cancer then women. Men won’t go get checked, or doctors say don’t worry about that little growth until it is too late.

 The film spotlights key elements that need to change in order for more men to get the help they need without shame and embarrassment. Men won’t get checked for breast cancer because they think it is only a female disease.

 Male breast patients have some of the most ridiculous and uncomfortable situations they must endure. Why do men with breast cancer have to feel shame and embarrassment based on societal, “norms?”  It is tough enough being diagnosed with male breast cancer in such a pink world, that any emotional layers outside of the treatment  just add undue anxiety, stress and fear.

Most organizations in the breast cancer realm have the word women on the Why can’t this change? Why don’t the questionnaires for new oncology patients have both? What about leaving the gender off of the informational pamphlets altogether. Do men really have to answer questions about their menstrual cycle and dryness? Why is there only a diagram of a female breast on these basic forms? Why do male oncology patients have to wear pink robes? What about twenty blue robes? It is these little gestures of respect for male patients that will tear down the wall of insecurity about this disease,

I have attached world-renowned specialists from Cedars-Sinai, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and the Pink Lotus Breast Center to weigh in with the latest information on BRCA mutations, breast cancer and the various changes that can be addressed for male patients. These experts and this film will help the Blue step out from the shadows of the pink. This documentary is not about one color or the other. It is meant to make the pink pinker, and the blue, bluer

PINK AND BLUE will not only educate people about male breast cancer but it will spotlight key elements that caregivers can change for men to get the help they need without shame and embarrassment. Breast cancer is not just a female disease. Awareness to this disease is paramount in saving lives. These experts and this documentary will finally help the Blue step out from the shadows of the pink.

Producing reality is one thing, but living it is another.  There is nothing more real then cancer.  Simply put, Pink and Blue will save lives.

We need help. We would appreciate your support in educating people not only about BRCA, but also to help stop male breast cancer.


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  • vickiw210 on 5 December 2013

    As a co-founder for HIS Breast Cancer Awareness, a Male Breast Caner nonprofit organization for education and awareness we know how important this film will be to assist in making the changes needed. For more information you can also visit
    Best of Health,

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